More than humble beginnings…

We started with a simple idea at home. Removing harmful chemicals from our everyday products and aiming for a cleaner, better lifestyle.

At first it seemed silly… but why are we going above and beyond to go to farmers markets and having chickens at home for eggs when at the end of the day use a soaps and lotion filled with Parabens and detergents from companies that perform animal testing… thats not just gross, its appalling.

Our mission was right in front of us, Put good in and get good out. Challenge Accepted!

“So why did we name it ‘Good Common Sense’?”

Because everything else was taken. Just kidding!

It’s because we set out with a business plan based on common sense.

Phone: (510) 634-2229


1 Stoneridge Mall Road #A112

Pleasanton, CA, 94588