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Spend Local

Pleasanton is home to a myriad of businesses, products, and service providers and we are so happy to call them part of our community. That being said, we encourage our residents to shop locally as to further strengthen our economy. For every $100 spent in our city, $46 stays in the community. That’s an incredible number!

But what are some other benefits of shopping locally?

–  A sense of involvement

–  Provides our Pleasanton Economic Development Program with more options and a larger budget to provide for you

–  A better economy attracts more visitors and residents

–  An ever growing community

And there are plenty more reasons! What are some you suggest? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Why Connect?

Perhaps adding your business to our site isn’t something that interests you right away. But we’ve got a few reasons that may sway you:

1.  Adding your business means that residents and visitors will be able to easily locate your location, service, or restaurant. This ease of use function encourages users to try new places and that place could be yours!

2.  More visibility means more traffic. Adding your business or service to Pleasanton’s site means that your website, service, or restaurant will see more hits and therefore a possible increase in revenue.

3.  Joining our online community shows that you’re willing to stay involved with the City of Pleasanton as a whole.

4. And last but not least, we want to see you here! We love our city and our community and we want to see your name on our list.

Get connected and stay extraordinary.