Work in Pleasanton

Here in Pleasanton, we’re all about our community. That being said, community  means having a steady, stable local economy and work environment. The Economic Development Department serves Pleasanton’s business community by building a robust and amenity-rich environment that supports the city’s residential and commercial citizens.

The Department staff works to:

  • Attract new companies and assist in retention and expansion of businesses in the community
  • Grow Pleasanton jobs
  • Serve as ombudsmen through the development services process
  • Enhance the city and Tri-Valley region’s innovation ecosystem
  • Implement the City’s Economic Development Strategic Plan

In a recent survey, 91% of business executives reported that Pleasanton was a good or excellent location for doing business. We welcome anyone that desires to join us in making Pleasanton extraordinary, as we are the Right Address for the 21st Century.

Programs and Services